Grant Applicationn Details and Forms

Hollinswood & Randlay Parish Council is keen to support local groups and organisations in their work to offer facilities to local residents. However, the budget is limited.

There is a Grant Policy which has been agreed in order that all Grant Applications are considered against criteria.

The Finance & Audit Committee consider grants at two meetings throughout the year. All applications must be submitted on an official application form and accompanied by the documents requested.

Financial Assistance can only be made available under the statutes and powers in place that enable the Parish Council to donate in such a way. However the Parish Council has limited funds, under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 (currently £8.41 per head of population as a maximum) to distribute to benefit the local community and electorate of the Parish.

It has to be recorded separately within the cash book and itemised in the end of year accounts and annual return.