Each Parish Council introduces a structure which meets the needs of the Council, its Members and its Community.

Our Parish Council Structure is:

We also have the statutory Complaints and Appeals Committee (link to Terms of Reference) and we host a Youth Provision Partnership

At the Annual Meeting of the Council, always held in May, Members are elected to the Committees and the Council agrees a Meeting Schedule for the municipal year.

Here is our Meeting Schedule, with links to the agendas and minutes.

An agenda is produced for each meeting, which identifies what the meeting will discuss.  All meetings are open for the public to attend.   The notice of meeting and agenda is available 3 days  before the date of the meeting.

Generally, all meetings will begin at 7.30pm with public sessions unless otherwise stated. The public are welcome to attend all Full Council Meetings, where there will be a public session as the first item on the agenda. This is an opportunity for local residents to raise matters of interest or concern.

Please contact the Clerk if you would like to receive regular copies of the agendas or minutes of our meetings and you will be added to the address book for distribution.

The minutes of our most recent Full Council meeting and other committees can be accessed by using the links below.

If you wish to see the Standing Orders for the management of the Parish Council, please contact The Clerk.

Next 3 months upcoming meetings (click on committee page to see all future meetings)