Annual Parish And Annual General Meeting Reports

The Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is a meeting of the residents of the Parish and must take place every year between 1st April and 30th June.  It will be Chaired by the Chairman (if in attendance) and other Councillors can attend as local residents. There is no requirement for Councillors who do not live in the Parish to attend.

The General Meeting (AGM) of the Parish Council is a meeting of the elected / co-opted Councillors and must take place annually in May.  In an election year, it must take place within 14 working days of the election date.  It is the first meeting and the agenda must include for the Election of Chairman, Formation of Committees, an Agreed Meeting Schedule and other matters at the discretion of the Council.

The Minutes of these meetings are available as soon as possible and are published in a draft form until approved as an accurate record of the decisions at the next meeting where they will be signed by the Chairman.

Annual Parish Meeting

This took place on the 19th April 2021 via zoom due to the Covid-19 restrictions in place. The full minutes and all reports are included in the one report above, but for ease for Parish Residents, below is each report in a separate PDF:-

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting
Chairmans Report
Financial Report unaudited report 2020-2021
Precipt for 2021-2022
Youth Partnership / SNAC report
Ward Councillors Reports
Cllr C Turley
Cllr V Holt
Primary School Reports
Hollinswood Primary School and Nursery
Randlay Primary School
Outside Body Reports
Friends of Hollinswood and Randlay Valley
TW Bus User Group
Shropshire Ass. Of Local Council