Zero ’30

Hollinswood and Randlay Parish Council now have a climate change working group in response to setting ourselves the target of being carbon neutral in 2030 and declaring a climate emergency. Over the next few weeks/months we want to share what we are doing as councillors, to reduce our carbon footprint as well as generally helping the planet. We would love to hear your ideas too!

Some ideas already started include:-

  • Cutting down plastic use by using shampoo/conditioner bars.
  • Reducing use of electricity by having one day a week without screens.
  • Saving water by using the boiled vegetable water (once cooled) to water the garden.
  • Reducing waste by taking a reusable mug to coffee shops, some even give discounts!
  • Using less petrol by walking to every meeting.
  • Reusing paper before it is recycled by writing my shopping list on the back of an envelope.

As a Parish Council, we are undertaking a review of all of our processes and as these are worked through will be listed here also.  Currently we are assessing

  • Utility usage and renewals
  • Options for an electric van
  • LED lighting
  • Solar

These are just a start and we know we have a long way to go. Click here to see a sheet showing the lasted ideas we are working on or have achieved.

If you know of any other good links regarding recycling or how to reduce waste / carbon emissions which you would wish us to share please email it to

Here are some ideas provided by the Councillors:-

Tip 1.

Changing to LED doesn’t have to be a huge cost all at once. Every time you need a new light bulb, purchase an LED one and eventually all of your lights will be LED.  It also means there will be no waste because you are using an item until it breaks. Old bulbs are not as energy efficient but you have to weigh up the options yourself.

If you put household bulbs in a clear bag on top of your recycling bin on the correct day, they will be collected by the kerbside collectors.