Chairman’s Charity 2021/2

The Chairman, Cllr Sheenagh Unwin, has chosen the Parish Council’s Youth Provision Partnership as her charity for her year in office. This will raise funds for SNAC, youth provision and outdoor gym equipment at Randlay. The first of the fund raising activities will be to walk the Telford T50 trail.
So, at 3am on Saturday 19th June Harvey and Sheenagh will be attempting to walk the T50 trail starting in Telford Town Park and following the trail all around Telford via Randlay Valley, Lilleshall Mount then to Wellington and The Ercall, The Wrekin, Little Wenlock, Ironbridge and back to Telford Town Park.

So why are they walking 50 miles in one day?

To raise funds for activities for disabled youths and able body youths in the parish. They would like to be able to provide activities via the Parish’s Youth Provision Partnership and SNAC@harp. Also, monies raised will be used to help purchase some adult outside gym equipment, and a proportion of the funds raised will also be donated to the British Heart Foundation for which Harvey is raising donations for.

If you would like to make a donation the button is below.